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After working for Dior in Paris, France and spending years using her experience in luxury brands to be a fashion stylist, our founder decided that it was time to expand her horizons and create the perfect luxury accessory, scarves! With her knowledge in luxury brands and experience in catering to multiple types of clients about what they were looking for in their closets, she created Madge as a way to create high-quality lightweight and heavy scarves and shawls for men and women.

In searching for a name for our brand, we came across the word Madge, which is Greek for pearl. In many cultures, pearls are as high value objects, and often symbols of luxury and rarity. For us, Madge is a brand that is providing pieces of great worth, and much like a pearl we push to make our products a cut above. With our wisdom and knowledge in fabrics and the need of our customers, here at Madge, we stand for luxury, elegance, and quality in all the products that we create.

Here at Madge, our concern is proving customers with the best, and we have found it through the world of Mongolian cashmere. All of our scarves are created from this luxurious fabric that has been produced and used in Mongolia for thousands of years. Not only does it have an expansive history, but it is considered to be one of the softest fabrics in the world. But how do we get from fabric produced in Mongolia to the scarves that you receive from Madge?

The process of collecting the fibers and making them ready for production is a rather extensive process, especially if it is one sustainably. First, In order to collect the delicate cashmere fibers, a cashmere goat must be hand-combed in the spring as the weather warms and the undercoat naturally begins to shed. Each Mongolian goat only produces roughly 150 to 250 grams of fiber per year (approximately 300 grams is needed for a sweater), and only reasserts the fact that this is fabric is in limited supply and high demand.

After the goats are combed through by hand in the springtime, they are then sorted by color and by grade (high quality vs. lower quality). All of this is done by hand as to not damage the fibers that are in scarce supply to begin with. After this process is complete, machines are then used for the process of separating the fine cashmere strands from the rougher pieces, and the cleaning process begins.

After the fibers are clean, the process of drying and dyeing the fibers begin. As the natural color of the fibers are usually black or white, they respond very well to dyeing and are often able to be mixed with many different colors. After this, the fibers enter the weaving process, which created the fabric that we are so familiar with today.

Here at Madge, we pride ourselves in having a fantastic array of scarves that are not only designed to feel lightweight but also to keep you warm. Our scarves come in multiple colors, patters, lengths and styles for both men and women. Our specialty is feather light 100% cashmere. These particular cashmere scarves are extremely light & soft, but can also keep you warm for colder weather. This makes it the perfect scarf to style for all seasons of the year.


Not only are our scarves beautiful in design and fabric, but they are also 100% hypoallergenic, meaning that it won’t cause any allergic reactions, allowing for a much more enjoyable wearing experience.



Oliver. B

Ordered this as Christmas present and it made my mother so happy! It's perfect for colder climates as it is both warm and very high quality. Even the packaging the scarves come in is Amazing!!  Very professional company with great customer service. 


The Featherlight Shawls are fantastic! Super lightweight, yet somehow surprisingly warm. Couldn't be happier with this purchase. Great product!


Beautiful blue scarf that is very soft cashmere! It's light enough to wear in a more mild climate, so it's perfect as a fashionable accessory. Really happy with the quality and color of the scarf!

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