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3739 Balboa st #1195, San Francisco, California, United States 94121
Phone: 510-426-7796

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Madge - Greek for pearl. A pearl is a symbol of God as there is no beginning or end. It is known to represent love and knowledge and is a symbol of wisdom. Madge stands for luxury, elegance, and quality. Based in San Francisco, we are committed to our product and catering to the needs of our clientele.




The use and production of cashmere in Mongolia spans thousands of years and is considered among some of the softest in the world. In order to collect the delicate cashmere fibers, a cashmere goat must be hand-combed in the spring as the weather warms and the undercoat naturally begins to shed. Since each Mongolian goat only produces roughly 150 to 250 grams of fiber per year (approximately 300 grams is needed for a sweater), cashmere is regarded as a luxury fabric. Mongolia’s high elevation, cold climate and herding traditions are ideal for high quality cashmere.